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South Downs Siegebreakers' is a club which likes to engage with its members; the club aims to run as many events, as is realistically feasible to do so, throughout the year so that its members have the opportunity to interact more with the club's gaming community beyond Tuesday evenings alone.

Listed below you will find information on all of the events which the club runs throughout the year. This schedule is intended to give those wishing to participate adequate prior notice of any events run by the club.

Painting Competition | March

Throughout March the club runs an annual painting competition. The entry criteria is very relaxed so, for example, you could decide to paint a single 40K infantry man, or woman, a dreadnought, tank or perhaps even a Titan! The competition isn't limited to 40K either; just pick a miniature and paint it.

We love conversions, and we love seeing what your warped imaginations can conjure up, but just remember that this is a painting competition primarily. Essentially conversion work will count for little, although it may look dam impressive, since members will be judging one another on their painting skills.

Regardless of your painting ability, don't be shy, just grab a miniature, grab a brush and do your thing. You have all of March to give it your best shot. Come the end of the month there will be a period of online voting amongst club members to determine the best masterpieces. Whilst there's no prize money at stake, we will feature the most voted entries across the club's various marketing propaganda i.e. posters, website etc... Plus, if that's not enough, there's always personal pride at stake.

Salute | April

Every year the club organises a trip to Salute which is the UK's largest war games convention. The event is hosted at the London Excel centre and is colossal; traders and design studios from all over Europe - and sometimes further - gather at Salute, for what is always a fantastic day out, with plenty of bargains to be had. Typically the club provides coach hire for active members who wish to go, and purchases group tickets which often leads to a discounted rate. This is always a thoroughly enjoyable day out, and definitely not one to be missed.

Tale Of Gamers (TOG) | 1st July to last club night of December

The club runs its annual Tale Of Gamers (TOG) event starting from the 1st of July. The event runs for 6 months and climaxes on the final club night of December, with monthly TOG nights, down the club, during this time; typically around the beginning of each month.

The concept behind TOG is very simple; collect, build and paint an army in 6 months, however, the beauty of TOG is that those participating all progress their armies at the same rate. This means that there is no rush to collect, for example, a 1500 point 40K army so that opponents will play you. Instead, you can leisurely amass your force at the same pace as others participating. At the end of each month the club hosts a TOG themed night where it actively invites members to bring down their TOG armies, such as they are, so that the fledgling forces can be fought against each other; it's a refreshing experience playing games of 40K at 250, 500 and 750 points.

"But I don't play 40K" you may well ask. No problem. The concept of TOG can be applied to any games system, the main point of TOG is to motivate members to collect, build and paint armies whilst having fun along the way. It also gives members the chance to engage with others walking the same path and, come the end of December, those participating all have awesome armies to showcase for their efforts. So if you don't play 40K then fret not, it maybe that you decide to collect a Fantasy Battle army instead, or perhaps something even more exotic like a Freebooter's Fate crew or Smog league of extraordinary individuals for example.

TOG is an ephemeral event, so for the latest details, along with your TOG survival guide, please speak to one of the club's organisers or contact us here so that we can help you TOG on. Just be warned though...TOG is addictive, once you're elevated to the rank of TOGger, it becomes hard to break formation. :)

Christmas Party | December

Traditionally the club runs an all day gaming event during the month of December, aka the club's Christmas party. This event runs from 10am to 10pm and consists of all day gaming of your choice, with a group members' get-together for lunch. Entry is £15 for the entire day and includes your choice of burger or pizza meal, provided by the venue. This is a great opportunity to indulge in those larger games, which may not lend themselves to club nights, and for linked games and/or mini campaigns, as well as team based play. Because of the popularity of this event and space restrictions, this event is limited to 20 members only - first come, first serve.