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What we do... | Fantasy war gaming in West Sussex

South Downs Siegebreakers' is a fantasy war gaming, board and card gaming club located in the heart of West Sussex. The club is open to anyone who wants to come down and play some games within a relaxed social environment. We cater for all levels of gaming experience (we do not encourage tournament play - we like to keep things relaxed), be it beginners, seasoned veterans and all those in between. So don't be shy, just turn up and enjoy an evening of light banter along with some decent gaming action. If you are new to the scene, or are merely inquisitive at this stage, and would like an introductory game in any of the games systems we cater for down the club, please do contact us here and we will arrange an easy going entry level game to help get you started - the best way to learn is to get stuck in.

We are an inquisitive bunch, and are therefore interested in trying out new games systems; these can potentially become mainstay if they prove popular amongst the club's members. That said, the core games systems currently played down the club include: Malifaux, Guild Ball, Infinity, 40K, Freebooter's Fate and Star Wars X-Wing, in addition to fantasy based RPG, card and board gaming.

When and where to find us

The club's doors are open every Tuesday from 6:30pm to 11:00pm.

We operate out of the dining area in The Moon pub in Storrington located in the heart of West Sussex. The dining area is reserved exclusively for South Downs Siegebreakers every Tuesday evening, however, there will be rare occasions when this may vary subject to the landlord's other business commitments - on such occasions we will announce any changes to the club's schedule via our RSS news feed and mailing list services.

How to find The Moon pub:

13 High Street,
West Sussex,
RH20 4DR

Website: www.themoonpub.com
Map: Bing Maps

Note: Since the club operates out of a licensed premises, those under aged must be accompanied by an adult; whilst the club's doors are open to anyone, parental discretion is advised regarding suitability for younger audiences. As good natured as the club's members are, we are ultimately a stones throw away from a bar and on a licensed premises.

Although the club officially starts at 6:30pm, the club's organisers frequently eat at The Moon from 6:00pm to 6:30pm. So, if you have just come straight from work and need a bite to eat, or just want to socialise, then please feel free to join us. We are keen to hear your views on the club and how you see it developing going forwards, so please use this opportunity to influence the club's development. The club is not set in stone, so if you want to get involved (scenery building, event and campaign organising etc...) then please let us know - we would love to hear your thoughts and hopefully help you make them a reality by supporting you.

How 'little' does it cost

"Less than the cost of a sandwich."

If you decide to come down for a Tuesday evening's club session then the PAYG sub is a mere £2.00 for an entire evening of war gaming i.e. from 6:30pm to 11:00pm. We only collect subs from those who actually play. So, if you are just popping down to check us out, socialise or just want to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere then no sub is required.

Note: The reason our subs are low is because the landlord has kindly allowed the club to use the venue for free! All we ask is that you at least buy a drink, alcoholic or otherwise, from the bar to help support the club's venue. No drink = no revenue for the venue = no venue for the club - so please help support the club by enjoying a drink or two, and maybe even some food.

If you are planning to come down on a regular basis then full subs may be the better option for you. We offer full subscription to the club during the months of January and July only. Any PAYG subs received by you during these months are deducted from the full sub i.e. you are not penalised for subscribing late in the month. The full sub is £40.00 which entitles you to Tuesday evening club sessions for 6 months - this is a saving of £12.00 over the 6 months period.

South Downs Siegebreakers is a non-profit organisation operating out of West Sussex. Payments received by the club are invested back into the club i.e. boards, scenery, domain name hosting, events etc...

About us

The club was founded by Adam Graham, Craig Cameron and Liam Young on the 19/02/2013. Today it is run by four organisers; club chairman Liam Young, club treasurer Luke Alderson, club secretary Jerome Roberty and the club's events coordinator Vicky Ann Cons. The club's organisers are on hand to help you out with any aspect of the club, and all are veterans of the war gaming community; both Liam and Craig - who still attends very occasionally - were previously committee members of the East Sussex based war games club Eastbourne Elemental - indeed Liam acted as the club's chairman for a time. Luke, Jerome and Vicky are all thoroughbred war gaming veterans.

South Downs Siegebreakers is a Gaming Club Network (GCN) registered war games club operating out of West Sussex. This accreditation ensures the mature running of the club and roots the club firmly in the war gaming community. In addition, the club's officials are CRB checked.

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